MI Glossary

TMI General Terms
Accords, The
To maintain order among Shadowhunters and Downworlders, peace negotiations (The Accords) are made every so often between the two parties.

Cause, The
The Clave's duty to protecting the helpless, safeguarding humanity, and warding off evil on Earth.

Circle, The
A group of Shadowhunters led by Valentine Morgenstern. Members of the Circle are described as “weapons in [Valentine’s] arsenal”. Valentine formed this group out of hatred for Downworlders and the Accords.

Golden Bough, The
A comparative study of mythology and religion, written by Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer. This book was found in Jocelyn Fray's book pile.

A fast-acting rune that heals Shadowhunters.

The word “mark” is used to refer to a rune on the body. Marks are designs that appear to be "etched with phosphorescent ink" on a Shadowhunter’s body for protection, aid or strength. Marks are drawn using a stele and can be permanent or temporary. Temporary marks fade into pale, thin scars after use.

An ordinary human, without angel/demon blood or any abilities possessed by Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Also called "Mundie" for short.

Human-angel hybrids. Shadowhunters are also referred to as “Children of Nephilim.” In Hebrew, the term means “giants” or “might men”. Nephilim are the result of relationships between Sons of God (fallen angels) and Daughters of Man. In Cassandra Clare’s TMI Trilogy, Nephilim were created by the Angel Raziel after mixing his blood and the blood of man in order to protect humans from reckless demons. Nephilim are also known to keep peace amongst Downworlders. See Shadowhunter.

A pair of warrior Shadowhunters who fight together and have developed such a close relationship that they are like siblings. In City of Bones, Jace and Alec are parabatai.

An enchanted gateway used to transport someone or something from one physical location to another. Portals can only be summoned with the help of a warlock.

Ritual of Infernal Conversion, The
A ritual used to convert the alliance of the Soul-Sword. Valentine Morgenstern performed the ritual on the Mortal Sword. As a result, the magical object’s angelic power was reversed, turning the Mortal Sword into an object of demonic power.

Runes are drawn by Shadowhunters on surfaces, especially their skin (Marks), to invoke power or protection. Shadowhunter runes are found in the Grey Book. Runes cannot be created by regular Shadowhunters, but Clary Fray has the extra ability as a result of her father’s experiments. See Marks.

Sed lex dura lex
The motto of the Covenant. English translation - The Law is hard, but it is the Law.

A race of human-angel hybrids created by the Angel Raziel to protect humans from reckless demons and to keep order among the Downworlders. Also called “Children of Nephilim”. See Nephilim.

Speaking Stars
Located in the Silent Brothers' council room. A larger square, made of black marble and embossed with a parabolic design of silver stars. The Mortal Sword hung above the Speaking Stars before it was stolen by Valentine Morgenstern.

Uprising, The
The Circle, a group of Shadowhunters led by Valentine Morganstern, revolted against the Clave fifteen years ago during the last Accords. Valentine and his followers took up arms against their own kind, killing dozens of Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

Objects & Weapons

Another name for the Mortal Sword. See Mortal Sword, The.

Mirror, The
One of three Mortal Instruments given to the first Shadowhunters by The Angel. The Mirror takes form as Lake Lyn located in Idris. The lake is known to cause hallucinations and madness for Shadowhunters who consume the water. Also known as the Mirror of Dreams by the Fair Folk because drinking it gives them true visions.

Mortal Cup, The
One of three Mortal Instruments given to the first Shadowhunters by The Angel. The Mortal Cup was initial used to mix The Angel’s blood and the blood of men to create the first group of Shadowhunters. Men, and their offspring, who drank from the Cup become Shadowhunters. The object takes the form of a small cup, roughly the size of an ordinary wineglass and much heavier. After the Uprising, Jocelyn Fairchild hid the Cup in a painting of the Ace of Cups tarot card and gave it as a gift to Madame Dorothea in City of Bones. Valentine Morgenstern is the last person known to possess the Mortal Cup.

Mortal Sword, The
One of three Mortal Instruments given to the first Shadowhunters by The Angel. The Mortal Sword is used as a tool to discover or draw out truth during a Shadowhunter trial. As well, the Sword gives the owner the power to control and call upon large armies of demons and have control. It is a huge, heavy-bladed silver sword with its hilt in the shape of outspread wings. The huge, heavy-bladed silver Sword with the hilt in the shape of outspread wings was the one that hung above the Speaking Stars in the Silent Brothers' council room. The Sword was in possession of the Silent Brothers before Valentine Morgenstern stole it from the Speaking Stars in Silent City.

Mistaken for a cell phone in appearance, a sensor is a small black object used by Shadowhunters to pick up demonic frequencies within a range limit.

Seraph Blade
Seraph blades are blunt, slim wands or tubes that emanate a dull glowing silver light when inactive. Each seraph blade is named after an Angel. Once the Angel’s name is called, the blade is activated. Seraph blades are sharp and clear as glass, with a glowing hilt. Shadowhunters use seraph blades to battle demons. Also called an angel blade.

A Shadowhunter’s slim cylindrical wand, the colour of silver. Steles are used for marking runes.

Witchlight Stone
A small, palm-sized stone enchanted to emanate light. Shadowhunters use witchlight stones as flashlights.


Creatures who live among Shadowhunters in the Shadow World. The Accords are made to keep the peace between the two. Examples: warlocks, vampires, werewolves, faeries, etc.

Fair Folk, The

Pale-skinned Faeries who can live for hundreds of years. These Downworlders are the offspring of demons and angels, with the beauty of angels and the viciousness of demons.

Existence of Forsaken is a breach of the Covenant. Forsaken are mentally-ill Mundanes branded with Marks, but survived the pain, and changed into deformed monsters.

A water faerie. Nixies were referred to in City of Ashes when they helped rescue Shadowhunters from drowning.

A nocturnal race of Downworlders who consume blood. Vampires thrive during the night and char to ashes in direct sunlight. They are also referred to as Night Children, or Children of the Night. Vampires and werewolves have been known to be mortal enemies.

A half-demon and half-human race of Downworlders who can perform spells and summonings, open portals and do other “magical” duties. Their source of power is unknown, but it is born into them. Warlocks have a limit to the extent of their powers. They are sometimes referred to as Lilith’s children.

A shape shifting race of Downworlders who are cursed with Lycanthropy. Werewolves are diseased humans who turn into werewolves on the night of a full moon, though some can control their form at will. They are also referred to as Lycanthropes, Moon Children, or Children of the Moon.

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